2018-06-14 Christophe... Update the README file master
2018-06-14 Benjamin BinierGet status from file fix
2017-07-18 Arnaud VeronAdd custom release field for rpm package building
2017-07-10 Arnaud VeronEnsure temp file is created in same filesystem than...
2017-07-10 Arnaud VeronAdd changelog script
2017-02-12 Arnaud VeronFix tunable HEARTBEAT_TALK_DELAY_ON_START being overridden
2017-01-26 Arnaud VeronFix typo error
2017-01-19 Arnaud VeronUpdate systemd unit file to FSH compliant install direc...
2016-08-18 Christophe... Align "openha service" usage msg with "openha hb" usage msg
2016-08-18 Christophe... Add service states to the manpage
2016-08-18 Christophe... Add openha manpage
2016-08-18 Christophe... Add /var/lib/openha to the specfile %files
2016-08-18 Christophe... Don't error on launcher start when the state file does...
2016-08-18 Christophe... Stop tracking configure and src/
2016-08-18 Christophe... Fix variable name in postinstall
2016-08-18 Christophe... Track /var/log/openha in the specfile %files
2016-08-17 Christophe... Fixes to the launcher script
2016-08-17 Christophe... Fix sysvinit launcher install in postinstall
2016-08-17 Christophe... Use FSH compliant install directories
2016-08-17 Christophe... Ignore heart[cd]_unicast in .gitignore 0.5.0
2016-04-30 Arnaud VeronExecute preremove scripts only when product is uninstalled
2016-04-25 Arnaud VeronAdd tunable HEARTBEAT_TALK_DELAY_ON_START
2016-04-25 Arnaud VeronAdd dependency on systemd network-online and time-sync...
2016-04-17 Cyril Galibernfix service -h seg fault (issue #1)
2015-12-28 Arnaud VeronExplicit skip of non disk/dio heartbeat types during...
2015-12-28 Arnaud VeronEnsure offset reinitialisation each time we loop a...
2015-12-27 Arnaud VeronImprove debug logging output while doing sanity checks
2015-12-12 Arnaud VeronRestrict SO_BINDTODEVICE setsockopt to Linux
2015-12-02 Arnaud VeronFix segfault triggered by querying unknown service...
2015-10-05 Christophe... Do bind the specified interface in heartc_unicast
2015-10-04 Christophe... Implement a unicast heartbeat
2015-09-04 Arnaud VeronAdd distribution tag when building rpm packages
2015-08-31 Christophe... Remove too verbose and redundant log when calling chang...
2015-08-25 Christophe... Don't log that nmond can not start a service in START_R...
2015-08-25 Christophe... Remove LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the launcher file
2015-07-16 Arnaud VeronAdd debian package creation script
2015-07-09 Arnaud VeronIncrease MAX_SERVICES_SIZE to 63 0.4.4
2015-07-07 Arnaud VeronUse waitpid() instead of wait() after execv()
2015-06-29 Christophe... Workaround Solaris behaviour on wait()
2015-06-14 Christophe... Add missing {}
2015-06-14 Christophe... cluster.c tidying
2015-06-14 Christophe... No need to find a -n capable echo in the launcher script
2015-06-14 Christophe... Setup the rc3.d symlink only on Linux
2015-06-13 Bruno MarchettiAmend the openha launcher script for Solaris 10 svcinit...
2015-06-10 Christophe... Fix off-by-one svcname length validation in "service -a"
2015-06-09 Christophe... Test init_var() return value in nmond too
2015-06-09 Christophe... Verify the service name length on "service -a <svcname...
2015-06-07 Christophe... Fix state fixing from init script
2015-05-29 Christophe... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2015-05-29 Christophe... Fix start decision algo
2015-05-21 Arnaud VeronAdd systemd dependency
2015-05-21 Arnaud VeronForce gzip to compress rpm source and binaries
2015-04-07 Christophe... Honor the logfacility configuration in the openha inits...
2015-04-06 Christophe... Fix log facility config on solaris
2015-04-06 Arnaud VeronMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2015-04-06 Arnaud VeronAllow to set a custom log facility for nmond, heart...
2015-04-06 Christophe... Remove redundant sin_port settings
2015-03-23 Arnaud VeronAdd logging message in startup script
2015-03-23 Arnaud VeronImprove logging output on service state changes
2015-03-21 Christophe... Stop logging into nmond.log
2015-03-21 Arnaud VeronForce binding to interface on Linux
2015-03-06 Arnaud VeronFix decision algorithm in grace period
2015-03-06 Arnaud VeronFix typo error
2015-02-15 Arnaud VeronAdd new debug trigger
2015-02-08 Christophe... Add FREEZE_SERVICE_SECONDARY_INSTANCE_ON_START rc parameter
2014-12-03 Arnaud VeronFix build folders creation before using them
2014-12-03 Arnaud VeronAdd buildroot option to rpmbuild call
2014-09-24 Arnaud VeronRemove set -x
2014-09-24 Arnaud VeronSunOS package creation improvement
2014-09-24 Arnaud VeronPostinstall improvement
2014-09-24 Arnaud VeronFix preremove script
2014-09-23 Arnaud VeronFix path to rpm file
2014-09-23 Arnaud Veronadd tmp folder to git ignore file
2014-09-23 Arnaud VeronFix release_rpm call
2014-09-23 Arnaud VeronFix preremove script. Decrease verbosity.
2014-09-22 Arnaud VeronFix lpthread call
2014-09-22 Arnaud Veronsanitize make_rpm script
2014-09-22 Arnaud VeronRemove specfile dependency
2014-09-22 Arnaud VeronAdd linux build scripts
2014-09-22 Arnaud VeronPreremove script : remove linux launchers
2014-09-21 Arnaud VeronPostinstall & Build improvements
2014-09-21 Arnaud VeronFix build process
2014-09-21 rootAdd file to meet autotools requirements
2014-09-18 Arnaud VeronTypo error
2014-09-18 Arnaud VeronPostinstall improvements 0.4.3
2014-09-16 Arnaud VeronLSB tags change to start ezha in runlevel 2
2014-06-18 Arnaud Veronbump version
2014-06-18 Arnaud VeronAdd product folders creation during postinstall
2014-06-17 Arnaud VeronUpdate specfile
2014-06-03 Arnaud VeronFix heartd.c joining multicast group with INADDR_ANY...
2014-05-08 Christophe... Implement "service -A <action>"
2014-05-08 Christophe... Fix segfault when passing an unknow service action
2014-05-06 Christophe... fwrite(&buff, size, 1) must return 1, not size in heart...
2014-05-06 Christophe... Test nmond presence from service cmd only for -s
2014-05-06 Christophe... Rearm sigterm in heartc and heartd main loop
2014-05-05 Christophe... Fix set_if_mcast() error messages
2014-05-05 Christophe... should set glib in LDADD
2014-04-30 Christophe... Make "service -s" refuse to display unreliable info
2014-04-30 Christophe... Work around g_hash_table_get_keys() unavailabilty in...
2014-04-29 Arnaud VeronMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://