2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeAdd 'max_polling_interval' config variable
2011-05-18 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Only count UP and GHOST paths for prio...
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeAlways synchronize with dm state
2011-05-18 Hannes Reineckemultipathd is not starting waitevent checker for single...
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeMore debugging output when synchronizing path states
2011-05-18 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Make path state message unique
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeUpdate dev_loss_tmo for no_path_retry
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeCheck for valid argument in update_multipath_strings()
2011-05-18 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Remove duplicate calls to path_offline()
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeCheck for offline path in get_prio()
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeUse state name in get_state()
2011-05-18 Hannes ReineckeOnly check offline status for SCSI devices
2011-05-18 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: zero out sense buffer in do_inq()
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: fix memory issues in cli.c
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: Remove handling of 'umount' events
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeSafe memory allocation in cli_handlers
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: Fix uxlsnr race condition on shutdown
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeRework sysfs device handling in multipathd
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckemultipath: add SuSE init file
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeChecker name is not displayed on failure
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeUnload priority modules
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeDisplay avg priority as group priority
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Improve debugging of log messages
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: rework sysfs handling
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: update waiter handling
2011-05-17 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: do not fallback to search /proc/partitions
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeStart uevent service handler from main thread
2011-05-17 Hannes ReineckeUse lists for uevent processing
2011-05-16 Hannes ReineckeRemove sysfs_attr cache
2011-05-15 Hannes ReineckeFixup strip trailing whitespaces for getuid return...
2011-05-13 Hannes ReineckeCheck return value for select_alias()
2011-05-13 Hannes ReineckeUse enum free_path_mode for free_paths argument
2011-05-13 Hannes Reineckevector paranoia
2011-05-13 Hannes ReineckeUpdate cli request processing
2011-05-13 Hannes ReineckeImplement 'bindings_file' option
2011-05-13 Hannes Reineckekpartx: Intendation fix in devmapper.c
2011-05-05 Hannes ReineckeUse regmatch when checking for duplicates in hwtable
2011-05-05 Hannes ReineckeUpdate hwtable factorization
2011-05-05 Hannes ReineckeSpecify prioritizer in the multipath section, too
2011-05-04 Hannes ReineckeStatic Load balancing prioritizer
2011-05-04 Hannes ReineckeSynchronize dm states for IO errors
2011-05-04 Hannes ReineckeAdd 'max_polling_interval' config variable
2011-05-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: do not access dm structures after dm_task...
2011-05-04 Hannes ReineckeCorrectly remove logical partition maps
2011-05-04 Hannes Reineckerdac checker: Whitespace cleanup
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Fix possible string overflow
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeMore debugging output for feature changes
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeFixup debugging in dmparser.c
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeCorrectly update feature strings
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeSelect 'features' from multipath configuration
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeIncrease uevent buffer size
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: remove strcmp_chomp()
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeRemove sysfs_lookup_devpath_by_subsys_id()
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: resolve hash collisions in pgcmp()
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: correct path count in setup_map()
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeMake status variable local
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeMake params variable local
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipath segfaults if configuration file contains...
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeUse '--replace-whitespace' option for scsi_id
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeAsynchronous mode for tur checker
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeMove setup_thread_attr() to uevent.c
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeTUR checker should not return 'failed' for reservation...
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckedirectio: Reset 'running' parameter
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeUse timeout parameter for directio
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: check argument length in execute_program()
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckereadsector0: block count calculation wrong
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckecheckers: argument paranoia
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeUse refcounting for checkers
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckekpartx: Add option '-f' to force devmap creation
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeAdd 'no_partitions' feature
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeImplement 'update' option for kpartx
2011-05-03 Hannes Reineckekpartx: Indentation fix
2011-05-03 Hannes ReineckeAdd compability flag LIBDM_API_COOKIE
2011-05-02 Hannes ReineckeMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/storage/multi...
2011-04-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: clear checker message
2011-04-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: rename netapp.c to ontap.c
2011-04-25 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: changes to NetApp's prioritizer
2011-04-25 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: recheck all priorities when a path comes...
2011-04-21 Mike Snitzermultipathd: use 0 for initial pg if there are no priori...
2011-04-20 Jun'ichi Nomuramultipath-tools: Add new NEC diskarray to internal...
2011-04-15 Hannes ReineckeMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/storage/multi...
2011-04-09 Benjamin MarzinskiRemove tmp loopdev created by 'kpartx -l' if no partiti...
2011-04-09 Moger, Babumultipath-tools: report different piority value for...
2011-04-09 Moger, Babumultipath-tools: report PATH_UP for both path groups...
2011-04-09 Moger, Babumultipath-tools: Set the rdac TAS bit if it changeable
2011-03-07 Moger, Babumultipath: Retry host transient errors for rdac checker
2011-02-08 Hannes ReineckeMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/storage/multi...
2011-02-02 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add allow users to set revision in multipath...
2011-02-02 Kacper Kowalik[lib] respect LDFLAGS, correct linking order
2011-02-02 Ritesh Raj... add -r to make resulting device read-only
2011-02-01 Hannes ReineckeMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/storage/multi...
2011-02-01 Christophe... Fix Malahal Naineni commit 2b68b83 review highlights
2011-01-31 Christophe... [lib] Fix reversion of dm_drvprereq() return codes
2011-01-31 Christophe... Support different 'minio' values for rq and bio based...
2011-01-31 Christophe... [lib] Add missing prototype for vector_move_up()
2010-12-08 Chaskiel GrundmanIn case of not connected device, only first condition...
2010-12-07 Benjamin Marzinskimake "show config" show the whole config
2010-12-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: standardize on path_selector
2010-12-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: update multipathd man page
2010-12-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add checker_timeout default config option