2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/test-lib: cmocka helpers to simulate path and...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/Makefile: autogenerate list of symbols to be...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/prio: constify simple getters
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: change prototypes of hwe_regmatch() and...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: some const usage in hwentry handling
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/structs.c: constify some functions
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: remove superfluous conditionals in load_c...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix memory leak in process_config_dir()
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckkpartx: no need to use FREE_CONST
2018-06-21 Wang Kemultipath.conf.5: update the description of marginal_pa...
2018-06-21 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: don't check timestamps without a path
2018-06-21 Benjamin Marzinskimpathpersist: fix aptpl support
2018-06-21 Benjamin Marzinskimpathpersist: add all_tg_pt option
2018-06-21 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove rbd code
2018-05-15 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix error parsing "find_multipaths strict"
2018-05-15 Martin Wilckmultipathd: handle errors in uxlsnr as fatal
2018-05-15 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: don't reject maps with undefined prio
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: configure hitachi ams2000 and hus100...
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: refresh kernel-doc from kernel sources
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add +x to and split...
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: fix compilation with musl libc
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: Remove trailing/leading whitespaces...
2018-05-15 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: replace FSF address with a www pointer
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: remove emacs autoconfig of kpartx...
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: remove "c" from __cpluscplus, misspelled
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add RDAC SUN/ArrayStorage to hwtable
2018-05-11 Christophe... Bump version to 0.7.7 0.7.7
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: fix reservation_key check
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: add failures path format wildcard
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath.rules: find_multipaths "smart" logic
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: enable find_multipaths "smart"
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: test if path is busy
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: don't grab devices already passed to...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: quick check if path is multipathed
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: cleanup logic
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u : set FIND_MULTIPATHS_WAIT_UNTIL from...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: implement find_multipaths_timeout
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: add DM_MULTIPATH_DEVICE_PATH=2 for "maybe"
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: treat failed wwids as invalid
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: change output to environment/key format
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u: common code path for result message
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: indicate wwid failure in dm_addmap_create()
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: functions to indicate mapping failure...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: use const char* in open_file()
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: change find_multipaths option to multi...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: trigger path uevent only when necessary
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: trigger change uevent on new device creation
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipath -u -i: respect entries in WWIDs file
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: should_multipath: keep existing maps
2018-05-11 Martin WilckRevert "multipathd: imply -n if find_multipaths is...
2018-05-11 Martin WilckRevert "multipath: ignore -i if find_multipaths is...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: Fix logic in should_multipath
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add licence info to README
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: create LICENSES dir with the text...
2018-05-11 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: create LICENSES dir with the text...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilck11-dm-mpath.rules: dont't run "multipath -U" during...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmpathpersist: decrease log level of various messages
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipathd: decrease log level of waiter thread start...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: decrease log level of uevent filter/merge...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilckmultipathd: decrease log level of "spurious uevent...
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: don't print undefined values
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimpathcmd: fix libmpathcmd license
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: remove unneeded function parameter
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: minor dmevents polling code cleanups
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add comments
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: remove incorrect pthread_testcancel
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/propsel: (re)use static const vars for...
2018-05-11 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: hwhandler auto-detection for ALUA
2018-03-27 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add GPLv2 as COPYING
2018-03-27 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: move COPYING to COPYING.LESSER
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: fix rcu thread cancellation hang
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: register threads that use rcu calls
2018-03-27 Bart Van Asschelibmultipath: Fix recently introduced inconsistencies
2018-03-27 Bart Van AsscheAllow the compiler to verify consistency of declaration...
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: stop waiter in __setup_multipath
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: move __setup_multipath to multipathd
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: fix waiter thread cancelling
2018-03-27 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: remove DF arrays from HP
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add unit tests for dmevents code
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: add new polling dmevents waiter thread
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add helper functions
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskicall start_waiter_thread() before setup_multipath()
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimove waiter code from libmultipath to multipathd
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: move remove_map waiter code to multipathd
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: use nanosleep for strict timing
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix log_pthread processing
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: log thread cleanup
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: set dm_conf_verbosity
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix basenamecpy
2018-03-27 Benjamin MarzinskiUnit tests for basenamecpy
2018-03-27 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: fix errors in auto generated man pages
2018-03-10 Christophe... Bump version to 0.7.6 0.7.6
2018-03-10 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: fix misspellings
2018-03-10 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: refresh kernel-doc from kernel sources
2018-03-10 Martin Wilckmultipath.conf(5): improve syntax documentation
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: config parser: fix corner case for double...
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: config parser: Allow '"' in strings
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: config parser: don't strip whitepace...
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcktests: add unit tests for config file parser
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: uev_update_path: update path properties