2008-12-11 Benjamin Marzinskiconfig file cleanup and a defaults file
2008-12-11 Benjamin MarzinskiFix for kpartx on sparc64
2008-12-11 Benjamin MarzinskiFix for uevent devpath handling
2008-11-30 Christophe... [doc] path_checker can't be set in a multipath {} confi...
2008-11-30 Christophe... [lib] add '%c' wildcard to display path checker type...
2008-11-30 Matthew Kent[build] rpm specfile fix
2008-11-24 Christophe... [multipath] set "multipath -f|-F" return code correctly
2008-11-20 Christophe... strip ANSI color markers in non-interactive mode
2008-11-19 Christophe... [multipathd] easier multipathd interaction method
2008-11-19 Christophe... [lib] fix quote doubling when using "show conf"
2008-11-19 Christophe... [lib] fix compilation warnings
2008-11-19 Christophe... [lib] a little try with bold term chars
2008-11-19 Christophe... [lib] reset multipath field widths before printing...
2008-11-18 Christophe... [lib] printing readability enhancements
2008-11-18 Christophe... [multipath] ignore header sizes when printing through...
2008-11-13 Christophe... [multipathd] add "show maps format ..." cli command
2008-11-04 Christophe... Amend previous patch
2008-11-03 Christophe... [multipath] re-enable path checks in "multipath -ll"
2008-11-02 Christophe... [multipathd] set offline path state to faulty
2008-11-02 Christophe... [lib] fix the scsi state fetching in sysfs
2008-11-02 Christophe... [hwtable] fix old style getprio for IBM hardware
2008-10-23 Yanqing Liu[lib] add defaults for Dell M3000 and M3000i
2008-10-23 Christophe... [lib] terminate the words fetched by get_word()
2008-10-16 Chandra SeetharamanAdd support for couple of IBM storage devices
2008-10-15 Martin Petermann[lib] libdevmapper api check
2008-10-11 Christophe... [lib] add offlined paths logic
2008-09-30 Christophe... [multipathd] add "quit" cli command
2008-09-28 Christophe... [multipathd] add "show wildcards" cli command
2008-09-28 Christophe... [libmultipath] fixes for "show paths format"
2008-09-28 Dave Wysochanski[lib] Increase bindings file lock timeout to avoid...
2008-09-21 Jim Lester[lib] new hardware from compellent in defaults table
2008-09-10 Christophe... [multipathd] add "show status" cli command
2008-08-20 Mike Anderson[lib] add IBM IPR to hwtable.
2008-08-20 Andrey Panin[lib] add IBM DS3400 to hwtable
2008-08-19 Guido Günther[lib] udev as of 0.124 doesn't support -s anymore
2008-07-23 Hannes ReineckeFix whitespace issues
2008-07-19 Christophe... [lib] create read-only multipath if rw try failed
2008-07-19 Christophe... [lib] abstract a little more devmapper internals
2008-07-19 Christophe... [kpartx] don't return 0 if a partition removal failed
2008-06-30 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath-tools: DESTDIR makefiles cleanup
2008-06-12 Christophe... [multitpathd] add "show paths format" cli command
2008-06-11 Stefan Haberland[lib] new hwtable entry
2008-06-02 Hannes ReineckeAllow zero paths for multipath map
2008-05-21 Christophe... fine-grained hwentry config override
2008-05-21 Christophe... print the multipath map write-protection status
2008-05-21 Christophe... don't include header length in column width in "show...
2008-05-21 Christophe... add write protect column to "show maps status"
2008-05-21 Christophe... apply the same treatment to prioritizer than Ben applie...
2008-05-21 Christophe... add '-r' option to force devmap reload
2008-05-21 Christophe... make "show conf" output usable as a /etc/multipath...
2008-05-21 Christophe... track .gitignore so everyone can benefit from its presence
2008-05-13 Christophe... [lib] adapt checker print function to Ben's change
2008-05-13 Benjamin Marzinski[checkers]
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeFixup Makefiles
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeRemove DAEMON defines
2008-04-30 Hannes Reineckeblock SIGPIPE before writing to a pipe
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeMake modules directory configurable
2008-04-30 Hannes Reineckemultipathd crash on shutdown
2008-04-30 Hannes Reineckelibdevmapper prints garbage on shutdown
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeImprove sense code scanning in sg_read() and tur checker
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeUse 'mpatha' for user_friendly_names option
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeAdd cciss_tur checker
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeDon't print failure messages for callouts by default
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeFixup varags usage
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeDefine LIBDM_API_FLUSH for 64bit systems correctly
2008-04-30 Hannes ReineckeUpdate hardware table
2008-04-30 Christophe... [lib] preparation for user-defined output format
2008-04-17 Christophe... [build] remove references to prio callouts in spec...
2008-04-17 Christophe... Remove devmap_name tool, redundant with dmsetup
2008-04-13 Christophe... [lib] add "checker" keyword as an alias to "patch_checker" shlibs
2008-04-12 Christophe... [checkers] checkers are now dlopen'ed plugins
2008-04-08 Christophe... [lib] merge libprio in libmultipath
2008-04-08 Christophe... [build] move SHARED_FLAGS to Makefile include
2008-04-08 Christophe... [libmultipath] remove unused KEEP_VEC define
2008-04-03 Christophe... [libprio] prioritizer libs loading message level up...
2008-04-03 Christophe... Move to a shared lib model for
2008-03-20 Hannes Reinecke[libmultipath] update sysfs code
2008-03-20 Hannes Reinecke[libmultipath] Update discovery to work with new sysfs...
2008-01-15 Benjamin Marzinski[libmultipath] ignore nonascii characters in multipath...
2008-01-15 Ritesh Raj... [doc] Document "queue_if_no_path" behavior hannes/master sles11/master
2008-01-15 Kiyoshi Ueda[config] fixes some wrong annotations about default...
2008-01-15 Benjamin Marzinski[libmultipath] fix the "too many files" error
2008-01-09 Christophe... Merge branch 'origin'
2008-01-09 Christophe... [libmultipath] reset the multipath struct "action"...
2008-01-09 Christophe... [libmultipath] discard trailing whitespaces from vendor...
2008-01-08 Christophe... [libmultipath] add %s wildcard the multipath printing...
2008-01-08 Christophe... [libmultipath] correctly place a whitespace in "multipa...
2008-01-08 Christophe... [libprio] random prio was still printing instead of...
2007-11-26 Guido Guentherkpartx: remove unused "-n" code origin
2007-11-26 Guido Guentherkpartx: on delete process partitions in reverse order
2007-11-26 Guido Guentherkpartx: document "-g"
2007-11-19 Christophe... [libprio] initial commit
2007-11-18 Christophe... [libmultipath] update path group prio on pg display
2007-11-18 Christophe... [libmultipath] change all readsector0 defaults to directio
2007-11-18 Christophe... [libmultipath] fix "show devices" CLI command
2007-11-11 Christophe... [defaults] add Pivot3 RAIGE defaults
2007-11-10 Christophe... [libmultipath] blacklist exceptions issues
2007-10-24 Christophe... [defaults] rename hp_sw hwhandler
2007-10-24 Christophe... [defaults] new cciss multipath-capable hardware
2007-10-10 Christophe... [kpartx] use uint64_t to account slices start/size