2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckedmparser: Use find_path_by_dev()
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: sanity check on store_path()
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: ensure 'dev_t' is set when store paths
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: remove 'get_info' argument for adopt_paths()
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: Do not switch paths on empty multipath...
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: set uxsock_timeout after reconfiguration
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeUse multipath wwid if path wwid is empty
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: accept zero-size paths in ev_add_path()
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeAlways set DM_UDEV_DISABLE_LIBRARY_FALLBACK
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: remove 'use_uuid' argument from dm_addmap()
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: remove 'needsync' argument from dm_simple...
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: improve uxlsnr
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: skip uninitialized devices during reconfigu...
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeOnly filter for udev property if uid_attribute is present
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use a shared lock to co-operate with...
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeEnsure multipathd is started before systemd-udev-trigge...
2016-05-03 Hannes Reinecke11-dm-mpath.rules: Only import ID_FS_XXX variables...
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeLoad all device handler modules on startup
2016-05-03 Hannes ReineckeAdd dependency on systemd-udevd.service
2016-05-03 Christophe... multipath: move the warning 'failed to get wwid' to...
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: avoid double semicolon in lock.h
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: Do not print misleading message 'not found...
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmpathpersist: Fixup whitespaces in Makefile
2016-05-03 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: additional logging messages when formatti...
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: call get_uid() for all paths
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: correctly display checker status
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: correctly initialize pp->sg_id
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: print error message for invalid arguments
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: fixup a crash when invoking CLI commands
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: fixup queueing mode in 'show maps status'
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: finally fix dev_loss_tmo setting
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Do not use 'sscanf' for parsing integers
2016-04-29 Hannes ReineckeAllow for empty SCSI revision
2016-04-29 Hannes ReineckeAdd LIO-ORG/SUSE RBD backend hardware defaults
2016-04-29 Hannes ReineckeAdd HP MSA 2040 to the hardware table
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckekpartx: Install rules file with correct prefix
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckekpartx: parse emulated DASD devices
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckekpartx: handle more than 256 loop devices
2016-04-29 Hannes Reineckekpartx: Fixup persistent name generation
2016-04-19 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: update docs hannes
2016-04-18 Germano Percossimultipath: fix memory leak and segfault in reconfigure
2016-04-18 Christophe... Update version to 0.6.0 0.6.0
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add wwn keyword to weightedpath prio
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: use 64-bit int for command key
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd.service: remove blk-availability Requires
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: check partitions unused before removing
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: print "fail" when remove fails
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add exclusive_pref_bit for alua prio
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskikpartx: verify partition devices
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: Fix minor text issues
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: delay reloads during creation
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: check correct function for define
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: fail if pidfile can't be created
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: Cut down on alua prioritizer ioctls
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix PAD and PRINT macros
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add ignore_new_boot_devs option
2016-04-18 Benjamin MarzinskiAdd libmpathcmd library and use it internally
2016-04-18 Benjamin MarzinskiFix issues with user_friendly_names initramfs bindings
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskiretrigger uevents to try and get the uid through udev
2016-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: use /run instead of /var/run
2016-03-08 Shiva Krishnamultipath-tools: prevent unnecessary reinstate of stand...
2016-02-03 Mathieu Trudel... Fix loopback file with kpartx -av
2016-01-20 Mauricio Faria... kpartx: support device names with spaces
2016-01-20 Brian BunkerAdd hardware defaults for the PURE FlashArray devices
2015-10-15 Xieyingtaifix unmatched params when mpath prout rollback
2015-10-14 Xieyingtailibmpathpersist: Set open fds limit in mpath_lib_init
2015-10-13 Benjamin MarzinskiFix sun partition numbering
2015-10-13 Benjamin Marzinskiadd raw format multipathd commands
2015-10-13 Benjamin MarzinskiMake multipath ignore devices without mpath prefix
2015-10-13 Benjamin MarzinskiIncrease host buffer size
2015-10-13 Benjamin Marzinskilibmpathpersist: uninstall man page correctly
2015-10-13 Christophe... Revert "change order of multipath.rules"
2015-10-06 Hannes ReineckeRemove duplicate hwtable entry for XtremIO
2015-10-06 Benjamin Marzinskiresize reply buffer for mutipathd help message
2015-10-06 Benjamin MarzinskiMake multipath deactivate devices before iscsi shutdown
2015-10-06 Benjamin Marzinskimake kpartx -d remove all partitions
2015-10-06 Benjamin Marzinskichange order of multipath.rules
2015-10-06 Benjamin Marzinskiupdate multipath rules to deal with partition devices
2015-10-06 Christophe... Remove trailing whitespace
2015-10-06 Benjamin Marzinskifix memory leaks on realloc failures
2015-10-06 Risto KankkunenUse image file device/inode to find the correct loop...
2015-10-06 Gabriel Krisman... libmultipath: Fix information not shown when first...
2015-08-06 Tejaswini Polurimultipathd: Fixing add map functionality
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: make vpd page 0x80 optional
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeDo not automatically fall back to vpd uid generation
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: use SG_IO as fallback to generate uid
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeSeparate out vpd parsing functions
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: unset 'uid_attribute' on failure
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: Fall back to SG_IO if no UID could be...
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeUpdate multipath.conf.5 to clarify wwid generation
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeUse sysfs attribute vpd_pg80 to read serial number
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeAssign local priority for NAA VPD descriptor
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeRead wwid from sysfs vpg_pg83 attribute
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeSkip USB devices during discovery
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeIgnore devices when sysfs_get_tgt_nodename fails
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: use local variable for watchdog configuration
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeRevert to ACT_RELOAD in domap if the map exists
2015-03-29 Hannes ReineckeRemove dm_udev_XXX wrapper functions
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckemultipath: enable sync support
2015-03-29 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: lock cli client list