2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: minor fixes
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: function return value tweaks
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: fix max array size in print_cmd_valid
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmutipath: don't use malformed uevents
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix null dereference int alloc_path_group
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix memory issue in path_latency prio
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove unused code
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: _install_keyword cleanup
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix length issues in get_vpd_sgio
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix set_int error path
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix tur checker timeout issue
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: cleanup tur locking
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix tur memory misuse
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix tur checker double locking
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix tur checker timeout
2018-10-10 Stef Walterkpartx: Use absolute paths to create mappings
2018-10-10 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: sync third-party headers with valgrind...
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix gcc 8.1 "truncated output" warnings
2018-10-09 Martin Wilck(lib)mpathpersist: use O_RDONLY file descriptors
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmpathpersist: fix byte swapping for big endian systems
2018-10-09 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools/tests: add tests for get_unaligned_beXX
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: add (get|put)_unaligned_be64
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmpathpersist: fix stack overflow in mpath_format_rea...
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmpathpersist: fix typo in mpath_format_readfullstatus
2018-10-09 Martin Wilcklibmpathpersist: remove duplicate test in readfullstatus
2018-10-07 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: refresh kernel-doc from kernel sources
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: tests/hwtable: test hidden devices
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipath/tests: fix hwtable tests after "hidden" support
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipathd: try SCSI persistent reservations for SCSI...
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow sysfs_pathinfo to return SKIPPED
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipathd: decrease log level of uevent messages
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipathd: fix version check for DM_DEV_ARM_POLL ioctl
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: pathinfo: skip hidden devices
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: nvme: shorter topology output
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: nvme: fix path detection for kernel 4.16
2018-08-08 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: reformat maintainer info
2018-08-08 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: update Hitachi maintainer email
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskikpartx: remove duplicated gpt validation check
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskikpartx: fix bad dm_devn return
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskikpartx: Fix memory leak of uuid found by coverity
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskikpartx: minor fixes to make coverity happy
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimpathpersist: add missing --param-rk usage info
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath tests: add blacklist tests
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath tests: change to work with old make versions
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove _filter_* blacklist functions
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add "protocol" blacklist option.
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: add new protocol path wildcard
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmutipath: remove unused IDE bus type
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimpathpersist: add --param-alltgpt option
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: fix setting conf->version
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix detect alua corner case
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove last of rbd code
2018-08-07 Mauricio Faria... multipath-tools: check for C compiler option -Werror...
2018-08-07 Mauricio Faria... multipath-tools: fix compilation with gcc < 4.9 on...
2018-08-07 Yuval Turgemankpartx: compare image filenames with backing files
2018-08-07 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: fix products names in hwtable
2018-08-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: more debug output in alua prioritizer
2018-08-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: alua: retry RTPG for NOT_READY and UNIT_A...
2018-08-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: alua_rtpg: use condlog for error messages
2018-07-02 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow distributions to change partition_d...
2018-07-02 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: avoid error messages from RDAC check
2018-07-02 Martin Wilckmultipathd: fix buffer size in cli_getprkey()
2018-07-02 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add info about how to enable ALUA...
2018-07-02 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: add directio path_checker for DASD...
2018-07-02 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: make Product Name mandatory and add...
2018-07-02 Martin Wilckmultipath: fix return code handling in delegate_to_mult...
2018-07-02 Martin Wilckmultipath: don't start multipathd unnecessarily
2018-07-02 Martin Wilckmultipathd: fix mpp->hwe handling on path removal
2018-06-29 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: print correct default for delay_*_checks
2018-06-21 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: fix help for hds prio
2018-06-21 Xose Vazquez... multipath-tools: remove unused SCSI_REV_SIZE
2018-06-21 Vincent McIntyreFix lintian complaint about bad whatis entry
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckfixup "libmultipath: merge hwentries inside a conf...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: add test for broken hwentry filtering
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckmultipath.conf(5): various corrections and clarifications
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: escape '"' chars while dumping config
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: implement and use blacklist merging
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: merge "multipath" config sections by...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckmultipath: implement "multipath -T"
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckmultipathd: implement "show config local"
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow printing local maps in snprint_config
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: add test for local configuration dump
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow dumping only "local" hwtable in...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: implement configuration dump + reload...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilckmultipath, multipathd: consolidate config dumping
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: don't merge by regex in setup_default_blist()
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/hwtable: remove inherited props from ONTAP...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: merge hwentries inside a conf file
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: don't merge hwentries by regex
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow more than one hwentry
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: use vector for for pp->hwe and mp->hwe
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: add debug messages to hwentry lookup...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: tests for config file handling and hwent...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/test-lib: cmocka helpers to simulate path and...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/Makefile: autogenerate list of symbols to be...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/prio: constify simple getters
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: change prototypes of hwe_regmatch() and...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: some const usage in hwentry handling
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/structs.c: constify some functions
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: remove superfluous conditionals in load_c...