tests: add directio unit tests
[multipath-tools/.git] / tests / Makefile
2020-03-02 Benjamin Marzinskitests: add directio unit tests
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath tests: Makefile: avoid gcc 4.8 missing initia...
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath tests: Makefile: fix "clean" target
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools tests: add -Wno-unused-parameter
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath tests: use -lpthread for alias test
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath tests: add tests for alias handling
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath tests: move condlog test wrappers to separate...
2019-10-01 Benjamin Marzinskitests: add path grouping policy unit tests.
2019-07-03 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools tests: add test for VPD parsing
2018-12-10 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: set multipath_dir in local configuration
2018-10-09 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools/tests: add tests for get_unaligned_beXX
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath tests: add blacklist tests
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath tests: change to work with old make versions
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/hwtable: tests for config file handling and hwent...
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcktests/Makefile: autogenerate list of symbols to be...
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add unit tests for dmevents code
2018-03-27 Benjamin MarzinskiUnit tests for basenamecpy
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcktests: add unit tests for config file parser
2018-03-10 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: build: prevent intermediate file deletion
2018-03-07 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: add dependency tracking to Makefiles
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcktests: cmocka-based unit test for uevent_get_XXX