Bump version to 0.8.4
[multipath-tools/.git] / multipathd / dmevents.c
2020-03-02 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: mark unused params in signal and clean...
2019-01-08 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: dm_is_mpath cleanup
2018-12-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix false removes in dmevents polling...
2018-10-07 Martin Wilckmultipathd: fix version check for DM_DEV_ARM_POLL ioctl
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: minor dmevents polling code cleanups
2018-05-11 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: add comments
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: move __setup_multipath to multipathd
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: add new polling dmevents waiter thread