multipath-tools: update scsi_id arguments
[multipath-tools/.git] / multipath / multipath.conf.5
2009-04-19 Mike Snitzermultipath-tools: update scsi_id arguments
2008-11-30 Christophe Varoqui[doc] path_checker can't be set in a multipath {} confi...
2008-08-19 Guido Günther[lib] udev as of 0.124 doesn't support -s anymore
2008-01-15 Ritesh Raj Sarraf[doc] Document "queue_if_no_path" behavior hannes/master sles11/master
2007-07-30 Christophe Varoqui[priority] pp_sgi is actually a RDAC controller familly...
2007-06-19 Guido GuentherCall /lib/udev/scsi_id instead of /sbin/scsi_id
2007-05-21 Hannes Reinecke[multipath] Add multipath.conf.5 manpage