Remove devmap_name tool, redundant with dmsetup
[multipath-tools/.git] /
2008-04-17 Christophe VaroquiRemove devmap_name tool, redundant with dmsetup
2007-07-30 Christophe Varoqui[priority] pp_sgi is actually a RDAC controller familly...
2006-04-24 Christophe Varoqui[priority] add new HDS Modular prioritizer
2006-02-09 Christophe VaroquiMerge ...
2006-02-09 Christophe Varoqui[build] make rpm fix
2005-11-22 Christophe Varoqui[multipath] resurect the rules file
2005-11-21 Christophe Varoqui[build] remove the udev rules file handling
2005-11-17 Christophe Varoqui[build] add the netapp prioritizer in the spec file
2005-11-11 Christophe Varoqui[build] fix the "rpm" make target
2005-05-01 Christophe VaroquiInitial git import.