libmultipath: add consistent WWID overflow logging in parse_vpd_pg83
[multipath-tools/.git] / libmultipath / discovery.c
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: add consistent WWID overflow logging...
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix parsing of SCSI name string, iqn...
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix another WWID overflow in parse_vpd_pg83()
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix possible WWID overflow in parse_vpd_p...
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: Fix buffer overflow in parse_vpd_pg80()
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix parsing of VPD 83 type 1 (T10 vendor ID)
2019-07-03 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: fix more gcc 9 -Wstringop-truncation...
2019-07-03 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: call store_pathinfo with DI_BLACKLIST
2019-07-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_prio(): really don't reset prio for...
2019-04-19 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_prio(): don't reset prio for inaccess...
2019-04-19 Martin WilckRevert "Set priority to '0' for PATH_BLOCKED or PATH_DOWN"
2019-04-18 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: lazy tpgs probing
2019-04-18 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: detect_alua(): use system timeout
2019-04-18 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: constify sysfs_get_timeout()
2019-04-18 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: alua: make API more consistent
2019-04-18 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: add sysfs_get_inquiry()
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: Don't use fallback code after getting wwid
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmulitpath: cleanup uid_fallback code
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add get_uid fallback code for NVMe devices
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskilibmutipath: continue to use old state on PATH_PENDING
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: ignore failed wwid recheck
2019-04-18 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: Fix miscounting active paths
2019-02-14 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: don't resend change events for unknown...
2019-02-14 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: fix pp->initialized state ping-ponging
2019-01-19 Martin Wilcklibmultipath(coverity): fix int overflow in sysfs_set_s...
2019-01-19 Martin Wilcklibmultipath(coverity): fix apparent overflow
2018-12-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: decrease log level for failed VPD c9
2018-12-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: avoid frequent messages from filter_prope...
2018-12-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: decrease verbosity of pathinfo messages
2018-12-10 Martin Wilckmultipath-tools: decrease verbosity of state messages
2018-11-14 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: set pp->checkint in store_pathinfo()
2018-11-14 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: pathinfo: don't blank wwid if checker...
2018-11-14 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/checkers: replace message by msgid
2018-11-14 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix use of uninitialized memory in write()
2018-10-13 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: cciss_ioctl_pathinfo doesn't fail
2018-10-13 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: scsi_ioctl_pathinfo doesn't fail
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: Don't blank intialized paths
2018-10-10 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: fix length issues in get_vpd_sgio
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: allow sysfs_pathinfo to return SKIPPED
2018-10-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: pathinfo: skip hidden devices
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove _filter_* blacklist functions
2018-08-07 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add "protocol" blacklist option.
2018-06-21 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: use vector for for pp->hwe and mp->hwe
2018-06-21 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: remove rbd code
2018-03-27 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: fix rcu thread cancellation hang
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_uid: don't quit prematurely without...
2018-03-10 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_uid: check VPD pages for SCSI only
2018-03-10 Bart Van AsscheIntroduce the ibmultipath/unaligned.h header file
2018-03-10 Bart Van Asschelibmultipath: Fix sgio_get_vpd()
2018-03-10 Bart Van Asschelibmultipath, alloc_path_with_pathinfo(): Ensure that...
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: pathinfo: call into foreign library
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix compiler warnings for -Wcast-qual
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath/print: use "const" where appropriate
2018-03-07 Benjamin Marzinskimultipath: fix DEF_TIMEOUT use
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: increase path product_id/rev field size...
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: ignore natively multipathed NVME devices
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: const qualifier for wwid and alias
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_vpd_sgio: support VPD 0xc9
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: sgio_get_vpd: add page argument
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix return code of sgio_get_vpd()
2018-03-07 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix return code of sysfs_get_timeout
2018-01-13 Jie Yangmultipath-tools: output more topology info for NVMe...
2017-11-15 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: ensure checker->fd == -1 if not set
2017-09-20 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: add DI_NOIO flag for pathinfo
2017-09-20 Hannes ReineckeAdd 'none' checker
2017-09-20 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath/discovery: modify NVMe path states
2017-09-20 Hannes Reineckediscovery: sanitize NVMe discovery
2017-08-03 Guan Junxiongmultipath-tools: check sysfs path state for NVMe/NVMf
2017-08-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: fix over-long NVME WWIDs
2017-08-03 Martin Wilcklibmultipath: get_udev_uid: make sure pp->wwid is 0...
2017-04-14 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath/propsel: Do not select sysfs prioritizer...
2017-04-12 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: don't set max_sectors_kb on reloads
2017-03-16 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath/discovery: do not cache 'access_state...
2017-03-16 Hannes Reineckemultipath: avoid crash when using modified configuration
2017-03-16 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: fall back to search paths by devt
2017-03-01 tang.junhuimultipath-tools: improve processing efficiency for...
2017-02-27 Benjamin Marzinskilibmultipath: add detect_checker option
2017-02-27 Keith BuschFill NVMe specific path info
2016-12-14 Mauricio Faria de... libmultipath: move filter_property|devnode() from path_...
2016-12-14 Mauricio Faria de... libmultipath: prevent memory leak in alloc_path_with_pa...
2016-11-26 Xose Vazquez Perezmultipath-tools: fix misspellings
2016-11-26 PengLianglibmultipath: ensure dev_loss_tmo will be update to...
2016-11-20 Bart Van AsscheRemove superfluous instances of the "extern" keyword
2016-11-20 Benjamin Marzinskiadd "max_sectors_kb" config parameter
2016-11-03 Benjamin Marzinskiadd disable_changed_wwids option
2016-08-16 tang.junhuilibmultipath: retry to get path serial number by get_se...
2016-08-09 Mike Christielibmultipath: add rbd discovery
2016-08-09 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath/discovery.c: use 'unsigned long' instead...
2016-07-22 Hannes Reineckemultipathd: Add 'sysfs' prioritizer
2016-07-22 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: call get_vpd_uid() if no uid_attribute...
2016-07-22 Xose Vazquez Perezmultipath-tools: delete trailing white spaces
2016-07-08 Benjamin Marzinskimultipathd: restore paths after reconfigure
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use (get,put)_multipath_config() accessors
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use explicit 'config' argument for config...
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use 'timeout' as argument for getprio()
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use 'struct config' as argument for pathi...
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckediscovery: Pass in 'hwtable' for get_state() and scsi_s...
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: use 'checkint' as argument for sysfs_set_...
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: separate out 'udev' config entry
2016-07-04 Hannes Reineckelibmultipath: fallback to checking environment variable...