[libmultipath] Remove libsysfs
[multipath-tools/.git] / libmultipath / Makefile
2007-06-07 Christophe Varoqui[libmultipath] Remove libsysfs
2007-05-02 Christophe Varoqui[build] detect presence of dm_task_no_flush symbol...
2006-03-15 Christophe Varoqui[libmultipath] a bit of code reorganisation
2006-03-13 Christophe Varoqui[build] libmultipath Makefile fix
2006-02-13 Christophe Varoqui[checkers] API rewrite
2005-12-09 Christophe Varoqui[build] Makefile cleanup
2005-11-29 Christophe Varoqui[libmultipath] drop the path cache
2005-11-21 Christophe Varoqui[multipathd] DM configuration ground work #2
2005-11-17 Christophe Varoqui[libmultipath] move coalesce_path() to libmultipath...
2005-11-04 Christophe Varoqui[libmultipath] move the async logger in libmultipath
2005-10-25 Christophe Varoqui[all] User friendly names patch
2005-09-27 root[build] will I have the build optimization right this...
2005-08-24 root[build] last optimisation broke the dlog() switch....
2005-08-18 root[build] be smarter at guessing when libs rebuild is...
2005-07-25 root[libmultipath] first cut at output column aligning
2005-06-20 root[multipathd] unix socket daemon control interface
2005-05-16 root[multipathd]
2005-05-01 Christophe VaroquiInitial git import.